Asiatelco Technologies Inc. (ATEL) and CoreNOC, Inc Announce Distribution Agreement for Telecommunications Equipment

[Owasso, OK and Irvine, CA, April 24, 2024] – ATEL, a leading provider of wireless terminal products to its valued customers worldwide, and CoreNOC, Inc., a Certified Native American Owned Business and trusted end-to-end provider of telecommunications solutions, are pleased to announce a new distribution agreement. Under this agreement, CoreNOC, Inc. will distribute ATEL’s innovative telecommunications equipment to its network of clients through its sales channels and its wholesale Virtual Network Enabler subsidiary, Covenant Telecom, expanding access to cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications industry.

“CoreNOC, Inc. and its subsidiary, Covenant Telecom, are excited to partner with ATEL to bring their advanced telecommunications equipment to our customers,” said Johnie Johnson, CEO of CoreNOC and Covenant Telecom. “ATEL’s commitment to innovation and quality aligns with our own values, and we are confident that this partnership will enable us to better serve our clients and meet their evolving needs.”

CoreNOC’s product offerings, including Virtual Converged 4G-5G Core, Radio Access Network (RAN), and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), are designed to enhance network performance, reliability, and security. By leveraging ATEL’s expertise and technology, CoreNOC, Inc. and Covenant Telecom aim to provide their customers with state-of-the-art solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.

“We are thrilled to partner with CoreNOC, Inc. and Covenant Telecom to expand the reach of our telecommunications equipment,” said Rayford Higginbotham, President of ATEL. “CoreNOC’s and Covenant Telecom’s extensive network and reputation for excellence make them an ideal partner for us, and we look forward to working together to deliver innovative solutions to the market.”

Through this partnership, ATEL and CoreNOC are poised to deliver unparalleled value to customers in the telecommunications industry. For more information about CoreNOC, Inc. and Covenant Telecom and their distribution of ATEL’s telecommunications equipment, visit,, and

About ATEL:

ATEL located in Irvine, California is a leading manufacture of 4G/5G wireless telecommunications equipment, providing a wide range of solutions to customers and partners in the telecommunications industry. With a focus on innovation, quality, reliability, and customer service, ATEL is committed to helping its partners succeed in a rapidly evolving market.

About CoreNOC:

CoreNOC is a  Certified Native American Owned Business and trusted provider of telecommunications solutions, offering a range of products and services designed to enhance network performance and reliability. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, CoreNOC is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.

About Covenant Telecom:

Covenant Telecom is a wholesale Virtual Network Enabler subsidiary of coreNOC, Inc., specializing in distributing cutting-edge telecommunications equipment to its network of clients. By leveraging its extensive network and expertise, Covenant Telecom aims to deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency and productivity in the telecommunications industry.

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