Introducing Covenant Telecom: Bridging the Digital Divide with Revolutionary Virtual Network Enabling Solutions

Las Vegas, NV – October 10, 2023 – Covenant Telecom, a subsidiary of coreNOC and a pioneering Virtual Network Enabler (VNE), is excited to announce its official launch during the WISPA show in Las Vegas. Covenant Telecom empowers a wide range of entities, including WISPs, MVNOs, ISPs, Tribal Nations, and Enterprise Businesses, to effortlessly scale and launch their own Branded Wireless Internet and IoT service offerings with minimal additional costs.

The digital landscape is evolving rapidly, and Covenant Telecom stands at the forefront of innovation to address the pressing need to bridge the Digital Divide. With a mission to provide tools for success, Covenant Telecom offers a comprehensive suite of services that enable its partners to meet the ever-growing demand for wireless internet and IoT services.

Key highlights of Covenant Telecom’s offerings include:

  1. Complete Control: Covenant Telecom places their clients in the driver’s seat, giving them total control over their customers, pricing, and plans. This unparalleled flexibility allows businesses to tailor their services to meet the unique needs of their target markets.
  2. Rapid Deployment: Covenant Telecom’s solutions are designed for speed and efficiency. Service providers can have their networks up and running in just a matter of weeks. This accelerated timeline is made possible by Covenant Telecom’s provision of 100% of the interfaces, APIs, and OSS/BSS back end, all at no additional cost to its partners.
  3. Cost and Time Savings: Covenant Telecom eliminates the traditional barriers of time, costs, and effort associated with launching wireless internet and IoT services. By streamlining the process and handling the technical intricacies, Covenant Telecom enables its partners to focus on what matters most – growing their customer base and improving their bottom line.

“We are thrilled to introduce Covenant Telecom to the world,” said Bobby Mahler, General Manager at Covenant Telecom. “In an era where connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, we are committed to equipping businesses and communities with the tools they need to succeed. Our innovative VNE solutions empower our partners to deliver high-quality wireless internet and IoT services quickly and affordably.”

Covenant Telecom’s leadership team, consisting of industry veterans with a proven track record, is at the heart of this endeavor. Meet the Executive Staff:

  • Johnie Johnson: In the role of Chief Executive Officer, Johnie Johnson has 35 years of experience in telecommunications. His strategic insights and industry knowledge are invaluable in ensuring Covenant Telecom’s services meet and exceed partner expectations.
  • Ben Ealey: As Chief Operating Officer, Ben Ealey brings over 30 years of experience in Technology. His dedication to efficiency and cost-effectiveness has been instrumental in Covenant Telecom’s ability to provide cost-saving solutions to its partners.
  • Kelley Bontempo: Serving as Vice President of Sales, Kelley Bontempo’s expertise in telecommunications has played a pivotal role in the development of Covenant Telecom’s strategic goals.
  • Bobby Mahler: As General Manager, Bobby Mahler brings over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. His visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping Covenant Telecom’s mission to bridge the Digital Divide.

To learn more about Covenant Telecom’s groundbreaking solutions and meet the team in person, visit their booth 506 at the Las Vegas exhibition. Covenant Telecom’s experts, including Bobby Mahler, Kelley Bontempo, Johnie Johnson, and Ben Ealey, will be available to answer questions, provide demonstrations, and discuss partnership opportunities.


Event Details:

Las Vegas Exhibition – 2023 WISPAPALOOZA

Paris Hotel – 3655 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada

October 9th – 12th

Booth #506 in the Exhibit Hall


For more information about Covenant Telecom and its offerings, please visit

About Covenant Telecom:

Covenant Telecom is a leading Virtual Network Enabler (VNE) committed to closing the Digital Divide. By providing WISPs, MVNOs, ISPs, Tribal Nations, and Enterprise Businesses with the tools and support needed to launch their own Branded Wireless Internet and IoT Services, Covenant Telecom is transforming the way connectivity is delivered. With complete control, rapid deployment, and cost savings at the forefront of its mission, Covenant Telecom is simplifying the path to success for its partners.